Oral histories from the Japanese American incarceration.


Find Your Family

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Use the resources on this page to reclaim your family’s history from the government archives.


Database of Japanese American Evacuees 

This is where I’ve found my father and grandparents’ records on their imprisonment and location. Simply type in the name of your family members (remember to check maiden names and Japanese first names) and likely you will find their official WRA record.

Order Copies of Japanese American Incarceration Records

Order official copies of “internment” case files, deportation documents and reparation files.

Archives Order Status 

Check on the status of the archives and documents you ordered from the National Archives using your order number.

Find Redress Testimonies from the 1981 Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to obtain a family member or community member’s redress hearing testimony:

  1. Use this email address to contact a reference librarian:  archives2reference@nara.gov

  2. Give them the name of your family member / witness and let them know that the testimony you’re looking for is in this collection.

  3. Knowing the date they testified and in what city will be helpful to the librarian, however they can probably track the name down as long as you can lead them to this collection.

Additional Resources (The euphemism “internment” is used in all government records).

  • Japanese American Internment: Videos, documents and reflections about the incarceration from the National Archives. Go to the website →

  • Teaching Japanese American Internment Using Primary Resources: A thorough, well-curated collection of primary resources for education from the New York Times. Go to the website →

  • Densho: A trove of photos, videos and encyclopedic information on the camps, significant events and influential people. Go to the website →